How to Play

You have a £100 million budget which you can use to buy a portfolio of players.

You can buy any number of players in any number of positions, from any number of teams.

To buy a player, simply press the 'buy' button on the market page and they will be added to your portfolio. Similarly, to sell a player, simply press the 'sell' button on your portfolio.

The values of players will change based on their performances (player ratings, with 6 being the base rating) in Premiership matches and market forces (each time a player is bought or sold, his value will change by 0.05%). You should therefore try to buy players who will have the best performances whilst they're in your portfolio.

Players' values will not change until the season begins.

To see how players' values will change based on their performance, have a look at the box on the market page explaining how the values change. Note that if a player does not play, he will get a 5 match rating.

You can also shortlist players to watch them, before deciding whether to buy.

You have unlimited trades. Throughout the season you can constantly change the make-up of your portfolio.

However, you cannot sell a player within 24 hours of buying that player.

The only time you cannot trade players is during matchdays. The transfer market will close from 12:00 on Saturday, until 7:00 on Monday morning. Similarly, the transfer market will close between 19:30 and 7:00 the following morning, for weekday games.

You can also create a mini league and invite your friends; you can then have your own private league table and see how you're doing compared to your friends.

You can check how well your portfolio has been performing by looking at the main leaderboard of the top 10 players and your ranking within that leaderboard, as well as your own private leagues leaderboard.


The user with the greatest value of portfolio at the end of the season will receive a £1,000 cash prize.

The user with the greatest increase in portfolio value each month will win a replica shirt of a Premiership team of their choice.